Friday, January 30

quick update, folks.

so today i had a job interview. ive been anticipating it all fuckin' week to the point where i could NOT sleep last night. i literally woke up at 3a & had to find something to do to burn time. lol crazy, i know. so anyways my sister comes to pick me up at around 9:45. she sits here for a while & we talk, etc etc. her bf also has an interview 'cept his is at 11a & mines is at 12p. so we drive to the place & my sister's bf is first up. i tell this nigga to let me know how it goes & what they ask. funny cause he was soo amped about the shit & super confident. while my ass is waiting in the car. . . nervous with mad butterflies. me & my sister decide to take pics while we wait for 11:45 to roll around lmao. again, burning time. so then time comes & i strut my short ass in the building. my sister's bf STILL hasnt come out. there's like six old ladies in there just chillen. I'M THE ONLY BLACK CHICK, KEEP IN MIND. that is until my sister's friend comes. bitch was mad late too, smh. but yeah. . . the group meeting goes smoothly and then he says he's gonna start the one-on-one interviews. butterflies rush back. but oddly enough, i was hella confident by now. only because the guy who was interviewing us was extraaa cool, crackin' jokes & everything. so that eased the tension i had built up. anyways i'm like the third person & he's only hiring half of the group. oh wait lemme back track, before we went in for the group interview my sister's bf came out - confident again telling me he was told to come back friday. i'm thinking cool he got the job. & he tells me he put in a word for me. happy as hell lol. anyhoots, i'm the third person & the two bitches before me clearly didnt get the job because they were mad as hell lmao. ah well, i walk in we're talking yadda ya. everything's going smoothe again! still crackin' jokes with me, flirting, the whole shabang. alright enough beating around the bush.


maaad excited right now. even though i slightly talked him into giving it to me lol. on some desperate puppy dog eyes shit, seriously. i havent had a job in almost three years, sad lol. but he's like he'll call me later on today & let me know when to come in tomorrow. shit still hasnt hit me yo. insane. oh & my sister's bf didnt get the job & i did lmaoo. apparently he wasnt dressed appropriately & the guy told him to come back next week. he was def hating on me in the car. ha!

on a bad note though, i have to remove my lip ring. RIP! but on a good note, it doesnt even matter cause it's all worth it. . . yup ;]

ps. - i HAVE to thank my bitch jae for keeping me positive through out all of this. just like she said everything would go according. & sure enough it did. without her i probably wouldve been on some negative shit - like i always am, would've tanked & been sitting here broke forever! so yes, huge thanks go out to you jae. ily.<3


Anonymous said...

You looking mad sexy!!!!!

vexedmentals said...

lol thank you.

Jervis said...

congrats on the job,and nice pic

FLYBOIZ said...

i sound like a creep but no lie i was thinkin bout you at work today. I was like... did i congratulate ol girl on gettin a J-O-B. I guess I didnt cuz i don't see my face up here no where. did you start yet? how you like it? and what the hell is you doin? you dealin? lmao

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

congrats on the job hope u dont mind the drive by and ps, i was only black faculty member at emory university school of public health for a long time so i feel your pain, hit me one day folk


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job.

Loving the pic!

Bella said...

congratulations!!! wooohooo!! lmao

ur eyeshadow looks dope in that pic too girl!

y0ung_runway said...

congrats, my ass still cant find a damn job...but how the fuck do i follow you?! like seriously...i dont see the button anyyywhere.