Wednesday, July 1

i'm back, sort of.

Been gone forever seems like. I'm rarely here for updates anymore. Twitter has pretty much abducted me ( So I guess you could keep in touch with me there. Idk not much has been going on with me though. Working for the most part, same shit basically. Roxy's getting big as all hell. She's like 4lbs now. Heh. I made a few videos of her - actually a lot of videos. Don't feel like posting or uploading them. Unless someone asks, whatever. That's um. . . about it lol. Bye?

Random pic to leave you with.

Saturday, May 16

quick blog.

So last night was my sister's high school graduation. How time flies, right? Even though we showed up late; it was well worth having to stand (lucked up & there were no more seats) in one spot wearing 4-inch heels for close to an hour, to see her walk across the stage. And let me tell you, there had to be some drama. My oldest sister, her sister on her dad's side, her new baby, my cousin, HER two kids, her mom (whom we haven't seen in months) came. Drove two hours for the occasion. And last but not least my grandmother showed. She pretty much never came over to say hi because of my dad. Not gonna go on a tangent about why but I mentioned everything that happened revolving around my dad in previous posts. Needless to say she's stuck in her ways & she wanted nothing to do with him. Rude to say the least. But that was juuust fine. I brought Roxy, & got sooo many 'awws' & stares. It was cute. Anyways after they left. . . me, my three sisters, mom & dad, and nieces & nephew went to Ol' Charleys. Had to drop Roxy off at home. Locked her in my room with food & water. We were originally going to go to TGIF Fridays which later turned to Chillis & finally like I said, Ol' Charleys due to them all being PACKED. It was cool because I had the most delectable sweet potato fries, a ceasar salad, three cheese burger & to top all that shit off, a cinnamon roll shake. My eyes justifiably. . . are bigger than my stomach. I went home with two togo boxes lol. Went home & ended the night with shit/piss all over my room with some sore ass feet. Awesome.

No pictures (gay, I know) because well, it was hot as shit & I didn't feel like being the token photographer that night. Even though everyone expected it. Just wanted to chill & enjoy myself like everybody else. And that's about all I suppose. Back to my movie & left-overs. Watching 'Serial Mom' with Roxy, classic.

Monday, May 11


Planned on blogging sooner, but as always I've been busy. We've settled into our new house. So for the most part everything's been pretty good. My dad moved in with us as well (which is where all the "drama" I referred to in my last post stems.) But I don't wanna get into any of that right now. This blog will mainly be a rundown because I leave for work this week in a few hours. Won't be back 'til Thursday. Speaking of which. . . . my bebe came day before Mother's Day. How appropriate, right? Lmao. I named her Roxy with the help of a few friends. Everyone is in love with her bad ass. She's so attached to me it's crazy. Like she has to be in a two feet radius of me to fall asleep. Or should I say spoiled. Yeah, that's the word. I spent a little over 100 dollars on her at Petco yesterday. Got her a baby bed - I mean doggy bed lmao. That she won't even sleep in! Guess I gotta train her for that. She whines at night when I put her in it. Then climbs right out & sits at the foot of my bed, staring. Like I know u gonna pick me up. So for now she sleeps in the bed with me. But yeah, got her some weewee pads, some food along with water/food bowls, etc. A leash, grooming supplies; like clippers, comb & brush, some treats & toys, a clicker for training her. Then this collar.

It's black with a few studs in it. Still a lot of shit I gotta get her. Like a toothbrush, clothes, blankets, a crate for her to shit & piss in. And some shampoo. Maybe even a big 'ol bow to put on her head :)

Didn't feel like taking pics of the other shit, but if anyone cares to see just ask lol. More pics. . . click 'em for the full size. And refrain from saying 'Aww' cause she's clearly a G.

When I say this little bitch is tiny, man. I don't even think she's a pound yet. Don't let the pics fool you. Or the size. . . she's a biter. Hell, my camera's even bigger than her. Which she hates. Everytime I whip it out she runs. . . no literally, she runs.

GR, she was just chewing on my blackberry. The little asshole. Then when she wakes up, from a nap or whatever - all hell breaks loose. She's so fucking playful. And her way of playing is biting toes & fingers. Nothing else. Hoppin' around & shit. I made a video; of her waking me up at six in the morning to play. Licking my face & shit. Then after about ten minutes of playing cat & mouse with my fingers she was tired & went right back to sleep. I'll upload it later lmao. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade her for the world. It's almost eleven & I leave at two. Have no idea where I'm going. But I'll keep you guys posted & try to update more. Who knows, this might turn into a whole blog about "the life & times" of Roxy. Ha, imagine that. . .

Here's the video.

Keep in mind she does this every time she wakes up & sporadically throughout the day. Even if I'm not in the mood, she just hops around biting at my feet & shit :-/